Chattogram district, also known as Chittagong district formerly, is located in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is home to the second-largest city in Bangladesh, Chittagong city. The division of Chittagong is named after this district. The south-western part of the district is tangent to the Bay of Bengal, while the eastern part borders the Chittagong hill tracts.

The district entails a population of about 79,13,365 people and encompasses an area of around 5,282.92 square kilometers, making it the second-largest district of the country.

How to Visit Chattogram from Dhaka?

To visit Chattogram District from Dhaka, one can avail direct routes either by road, or by air, and even by train. The Dhaka to Chattogram by road distance is around 250 kilometers. One can avail services from companies such as Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, Saint Martin Hyundai (Robi Express), and more.

Moreover, direct train services and flights can also be taken from Dhaka. The train journey from Dhaka to Chattogram is around 320 kilometers, which lasts a little bit over 6 hours. Direct flight journeys last around 45 mins from Dhaka.

5 Places to visit in Chattogram

1. Foys Lake

Foys Lake is located in Pahartali, a northern neighborhood in the Chattogram district.

Foys Lake is located in Pahartali, a northern neighborhood in the Chattogram district. Initially built as an artificial water reservoir for the residents of the place, Foy’s lake turned into one of the most beautiful attractions of Chattogram . The place is surrounded by stunning hills, rivers, forests and valleys.

Moreover, many luxurious accommodations and even a theme park can be found in this place to compose an amazing experience for its visitors.

2. Chattogram Commonwealth War Cemetery

The Chattogram Commonwealth War Cemetery or shortly known as Chattogram war cemetery is a renowned cemetery built for the fallen commonwealth soldiers of the second world war. The place is of historic importance and remembrance.

3. Patenga Sea Beach

The Patenga Sea Beach is one of the most beautiful Sea Beaches in Bangladesh. It is about 14 kilometers away from the Chattogram city. The sea beach offers picturesque sunrise and sunset views, alongside majestic sights of rows of ships and vessels headed towards the port.

4. Chittagong Port

Chittagong Port or the Chattogram Port is the largest commercial port of Bangladesh. A trip to this port can make you aware of the historic, economic, and industrial significance that this infrastructure has played throughout the history of this country and the region as a whole.

A visit to this place is sure to encapsulate your mind with an amazing experience.

5. Sitakund Botanical Garden and Eco- Park

The Sitakunda Botanical Garden and Eco Park is one of the most naturally beautiful and serene places in Bangladesh. The place intertwines the ambience of an amazing flora and fauna, where you can observe beautiful birds nesting in majestic trees and plants.

Sitakunda Botanical Garden and Eco Park was established in 2001 on 808 hectares of land in the Sitakundu Upazila of the Chattogram district.

5 Foods to try in Chattogram

1. Kala bhuna

Kala bhuna is one of the most renowned and delicious beef dishes in Bangladesh. Generally, the shoulder beef piece is marinated with numerous local spices and herbs and cooked properly. This dish is taken with rice or bread to get the best food experience.

2. Atikka pitha

The Atikka pitha is unique to Chattogram district. The pancake like pitha is made from the mixture of steamed rice with sugar, milk, and other condiments. The pitha is generally served with banana leaves, to make up for a wholesome experience.

3. Akhni

The Akhni is an exclusive dish that can be found in Chattogram district. Despite looking somewhat like khichuri, it is a completely different rice dish with flavors of its own. The dish is prepared with a mixture of numerous local spices and vegetables with tender shoulder pieces of beef meat. It is eaten along with rice or roti bread.

4. Mezbani Mangsho

The Mezbani Maghso is an Iconic dish of Chattogram district. This is a spicy beef dish that is taken with rice. The locals of Chattogram prepare this dish for special occasions and celebrations. It is a must-try dish when in Chattogram .

5. Begun-Shutki Torkari

The Begun Shutki Torkari is a curry-based dish that is prepared with eggplants and dried fish. The dish is prepared by the mixture of numerous spices and condiments with eggplant and dried fish. It is usually eaten together with rice.

5 Places to stay in Chattogram

1. Radisson Blu Hotel, Chattogram Bay View

The Radisson Blu Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Chattogram. It is located in Shahid Saifuddin Khaled Road of Chattogram city. The hotel provides some of the best hospitalities and all possible amenities to make memorable experiences for their guests.

2. Hotel Agrabad

Hotel Agrabad is considered to be one of the best hotels in Chattogram, located in Agrabad of Chattogram. It offers 5-star guest facilities for clients either or business or leisure stays. The hotel provides utmost security and hospitality to their guests for an excellent stay.

3. The Peninsula Chittagong

The Peninsula hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Chattogram. It is located in the GEC circle of Chattogram city. The hotel provides diverse range of amenities, customized suites, security, and food for creating a pleasant experience for their guests.

4. Well Park Residence Boutique Hotel

Located in Nizam Road, the WELL PARK RESIDENCE is one of the best boutique hotels in Chattogram. The hotel offers modern amenities and dedicated rooms for a diverse range of customers. It offers both business and leisure friendly stays to its guests, making up for an excellent hospitality experience.

5. Avenue Hotel & Suites

The Avenue Hotel & Suites is a renowned hotel located in Lalkhan Bazar of Chattogram. The place offers an ambient, cozy and excellent hospitality experience to its guests through their diverse range of modern amenities and customer-centric dedication.

Things to do in Chattogram

Chattogram is a lively district amidst the touch of nature. One can find a lot of activities from hiking the green parks, to basking on Sea Beaches to exploring the numerous and diverse flavors of food, and so much more. It has sites of historical importance and places grown amidst the majestic touch of nature, which provides so numerous opportunities for travelers to discover the district in their own way.


Chattogram is one of the most important districts in Bangladesh. Its significance on the map of the country is both historically and economically surpassed only by Dhaka. The district has a lot to offer to its travelers in terms of food, adventures, activities, and so much more. Bangladesh is incomplete without this district and a person’s knowledge will also never be complete without knowing this district as well.


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