With the increasing accessibility of the internet, online education has surged in Bangladesh. Online education platforms promote more inclusive and equal educational opportunities, simultaneously developing academic knowledge and professional skills.

This article reveals the best online education platforms in Bangladesh.

1. 10 Minutes School

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10 Minute School is one of the Online Education Platforms in Bangladesh

Operational since 2015, Robi 10 Minutes School is the country’s leading online education platform. The platform provides online classes on the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) curriculum syllabus from the 1st grade to the 12th.

Moreover, it also provides University level classes, test preparations, and skill development classes. As of 2021, their website boasts 25000+ video lessons, 1500+ Smart Books, 86000+ quizzes and 1300+ blogs.

2. Shikho

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Founded in 2019, Shikho is an ed-tech start-up focused on Bangladesh’s students. The company provides educational content that covers the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) curriculum syllabus, skill development, and test preparations. To ensure engagement, the company uses gamification techniques, like points, leaderboards, and virtual awards.

3. Learning Bangladesh

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Learning Bangladesh is the first of its kind e-learning focused social media platform in Bangladesh, boasting over 20,000 users. Not only can learners here enroll in diverse courses, but they can also connect with fellow learners, engage in meaningful conversations, and even explore job opportunities.

The platform operates with three main objectives:

  1. Offering a diverse range of high-quality E-learning courses
  2. Securing job offers for users (with a built-in application feature)
  3. Striving to excel as Bangladesh’s first e-learning focused social platform

4. Bohubrihi

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Founded in 2016, Bohubrihi is an e-learning company that offers superior online courses and professional training to help students and professionals master new skills. The platform has over 100,000 registered users, 63 professional and skills-based courses with over 4,500 video lessons.

5. Apar’s Classroom

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Though most you haven’t heard of this platform but this platform is very popular among the target audience for very specific courses. It’s main consumers are the students from school, collage and the university admission seekers. Very strong support via Facebook group and good presence on YouTube made it’s brand presence more strong among the target groups such as students.

6. Shikkhok

Founded in 2012, Shikkhok.com project aims to provide free online education and high-quality courses in the Bengali language to rural and disadvantaged students in Bangladesh and India. The platform brings together educators and researchers from all over the world to create free-of-cost content in the Bengali language on both basic and advanced topics.

Moreover, they try to develop a model for ultra-low-cost online education for students in the developing world, and to serve as an open, free, and cheaper alternative to traditional educational institutions.

7. Ostad Limited

Ostad is one of the top live skill training online platforms. It provides the chance for individuals to go through rigorous online boot-camp to develop skills necessary for their careers. There are a range of courses to try out from business to tech development. The task based curriculum ensures that every student learns from the live classes.

8. Amar iSchool

Amar iSchool

Taking inception in 2019, Amar iSchool is an online skill-based education platform, particularly for Bangladeshi jobseekers. The company is driven by the mission to reduce the skill gap so that learners can learn to their needs for the requirements of jobs.

We focus on outcome-based education, it intends to minimize skill gaps to help the graduates, through their courses. At present, the company caters to over 100 thousand users and has more than 35 courses.

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9. Shikkhok Batayon

Operational since 2013, Shikkhok Batayon, a government-run video platform for public school teachers to share their academic content, has been doing its job for students’ educational development. It is a public online educational platform built for providing educational excellence to the entire student demography of the country.

10. Ghoori Learning

Ghoori Learning is an online education platform that provides unique skill centric courses taught by industry experts. Currently Ghoori Learning is offering new and exciting courses in various categories, apart from English such as photography, web designing, graphics designing, and more.

11. MSB Academy

Founded in 2018, Most Significant Bit, abbreviated to MSB Academy is a prominent online educational platform that offers world-class courses in Bangla by leading industry experts. The platform offers web development courses, app development courses, graphics designing courses, digital marketing courses, and more.

12. Instructory

Instructory is one of the most prominent online educational platforms in Bangladesh. It’s a platform where instructors can create courses, upload & sell their knowledge to enrolled learners who can buy their courses. Instructory has the main motive of connecting & discovering talents, inspiring people and impact lives with the best learning and earning opportunities.

13. Edutubebd

Edutubebd is a part of the Ethics Advanced Technologies Limited (EATL), a pioneering ICT services and solutions provider in Bangladesh established in November 1999. The main objective of edutubebd is to make education more inclusive and accessible for all at affordable prices. They advocate for the creation of a platform where every individual can share whatever they’ve learned on the website, to enhance education.

14. Amar e-Pathshala

Amar e-Pathshala

Amar e-Pathshala is an online educational platform built with the objective of helping students prepare for competitive exams and academic exams. The company currently teaches more than 19000 students over 1600 topics. It is a great platform to assess one’s weaknesses and rectify their mistakes, to do better in the actual exams.

15. StudyPress.org

Having a history of catering to more than 131500 students, StudyPress.org. is one of the most popular online schools in Bangladesh. The company specializes in content regarding Job test preparations, skill development, and general academia.

16. Srijonshil.com

Srjonshi.com is a rapidly growing educational platform. It caters to its students with model tests, recruitment tests, and admission-related tests. Their lessons come in different forms. They provide premium courses in Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, Computer Science, Software Development, Graphics Design, Business, Marketing, and Communication.

17. REPTO- Education Center

REPTO– Education Center is a leading online education platform of Bangladesh offering courses courses, tutorials, and training sessions by industry experts in Bangla. It provides premium & free courses on Digital Marketing, Programming, Software Development, Web Design & Development, WordPress, Freelancing, MS Office, Science & Technology, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Professional Development, and more.

18. Educarnival

Educarnival is one of the fastest-growing online education platforms in Bangladesh. It aims to ‘build a zone of a complete accumulation of study’. It is driven by the mission of making study easier for students through Educarnival.com students are expected to enjoy their studies, and will be more curious to know new substances of study. The process of study through Educarnival.com is more effective than only bookish study, adding more value.

19. Light of Hope (loH)

Founded in 2013, Light of Hope (LoH) is a project that aims to provide e-learning facilities to rural schools in Bangladesh. The company provides equipment ranging from laptops, projectors, audio-visual e-learning materials, and solar energy systems to schools in remote areas, without proper infrastructure and limited or no electricity.

20. LEAD Academy

LEAD Academy offers you the best learning technology so that you can learn and use different developmental skills. It is the first Bangladeshi online learning platform that has both local and international accredited certification from different acknowledged organizations like Pearson UK and more. Their advanced education tools enables you to enjoy immersive learning experience.

21. CodersTrust

For mastering different skills through in-depth learning, CodersTrust is an amazing choice. Being recognized as one of the best digital workforce development and global skills institutes, they create a path for individuals to enhance different skills to build their career. They offer a few free courses for underprivileged people to learn new skills.

22. BeSkilled

With the aim to eliminate unemployment, Beskilled targets as a unique e-learning platform for the people of Bangladesh. From skill development and creating global human resources, the platform ensures to provide guidance to the people. Through the courses, you can learn skills and get a certificate which would be beneficial for you to put up in CVs to indicate your skills to the desired companies and institutions.

23. aiQuest

aiQuest Intelligence provides high-quality education on artificial intelligence, data science and data analytics in Bengali language. To ensure that Bangladeshi people are being able to learn and contribute in artificial intelligence and other technical topics, this platform contributes immensely. The in-house projects from the courses provide deeper and rich learning experience, which eventually help them to make a better career out of it.

24. IAcademy

IAcademy is an offline and online skill development institute in Bangladesh. Through their effective teaching manner, the students can learn different skills from the project-based learning. Well-trained mentors guide the participants to build a skillful community. The courses are organized, user-friendly smart labs are available and both offline and live sessions are all highlights of this platform.

25. One way school

One way school is a free e-learning platform. This educational platform has enabled over 20 thousand students to develop different skills for their career, business and other prospects. To encourage the youth, they provide full access to videos and materials so that people can learn for free and develop skills that will help them get jobs and better future career.

26. QLearn

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Qlearn is a dynamic online learning platform that caters to the needs of learners from various backgrounds. It provides an extensive range of courses taught by renowned professionals, experts, and professors. Whether you are a young student seeking knowledge, an engineer aiming to enhance your skills, or a professional looking to advance your career, Qlearn has tailored courses to help you achieve your goals. From Project Management to Public Speaking, and more.

Qlearn covers a diverse spectrum of subjects, ensuring that you have access to comprehensive learning opportunities. It aims to enhance the skills that cannot be learned through academic endeavors, offering students a unique platform for interactive online learning, accessible at any time and from anywhere.

The aforementioned online educational platforms have been a boon towards the goal of increasing the literacy and productivity of the younger generations. It has been a key proponent of propelling the overall educational quality of the county to greater heights.


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