Thakurgaon district, located in northern Bangladesh, is a place of stunning beauty and a rich cultural legacy. Thakurgaon, known for its gorgeous landscapes and kind hospitality, provides a glimpse into the nation’s heart. The district has a population of over 1,390,042 people and covers an area of approximately 1,781.74 square kilometers.

Thakurgaon district, located in northern Bangladesh, is a place of stunning beauty and a rich cultural legacy.

Thakurgaon’s economy is mostly based on agriculture, with huge paddy fields and fishing activities propelling its success. The district’s good soil and suitable climate aid in the development of a variety of crops, including rice, jute, sugarcane, and tobacco. Furthermore, Thakurgaon’s tranquil rivers and lakes support a strong fishing sector, contributing to its economic prominence.

How to Visit Thakurgaon from Dhaka?

Thakurgaon can be visited from Dhaka either by train, by road, or even by air. The Dhaka to Thakurgaon road route is about 400 kilometers long. If you’re looking for an efficient way to travel by road, consider using bus services offered by Ena Transport (Pvt) Ltd, Nabil Paribahan, and other top companies. Riding the bus is a smart choice that ensures a hassle-free journey with quality services. Don’t hesitate to try it out!

Moreover, the train journey from Dhaka to Rangpur lasts about 9 and a half hours. Furthermore, an air route can also be taken by traveling from Dhaka to Saidpur, and then traveling from Saidpur to Thakurgaon by road.

2 Places to Visit in Thakurgaon

1. Jamalpur Zamindar Bari Jame Mosque

Jamalpur Zamindar Bari Jame Mosque is located in Jamalpur Union in Thakurgaon. The mosque was established in 1862 within the vicinity of the Zemindar Bari. It follows an Islamic architectural design with a minaret and three carved domes, amongst other magnificent works and crafts. Due to its religious and historic importance, it is a popular tourist destination within the district.

2. Balia Mosque

The Balia mosque is one of the most mythical mosques in Bangladesh, with many stories looming over the construction of the place. The mosque is estimated to have been built in the early 20th century. The mosque is located about 18 kilometers away from Thakurgaon city. The Balia mosque is built on a Mughal architectural design and has 3 minarets and 8 domes.

Foods to try in Thakurgaon

1. Surjapuri Mangoes

Thankurgaon is renowned for its delicious Surjapuri Mangoes grown in its local mango orchards. These mangoes are sweet and only available during summer when they’re fully ripe.

2 Places to Stay in Thakurgaon

1. Hotel Salam International

The Salam International Hotel can be found on North Circular Road in Thakurgaon. The Hotel is well known for providing its customers with a homely experience. The place provides top-class hospitality with numerous amenities and a diverse range of options.

2. Radha Usha Hotel

RadhaUsha Hotel is located near the Thakurgaon Bus Terminal of the Thakurgaon district. It is a well-known hotel, which is renowned for its dedicated customer service and hospitality.

Things to do in Thakurgaon

Thakurgaon is a bustling region with interesting locations to see and new experiences to be enjoyed. Thakurgaon has a wide range of activities available, from early morning walks to boating on the water bodies.


Located in the northern part of Bangladesh, the district of Thakurgaon is a fascinating destination for travelers interested in exploring the country. With its rich culture and heritage, Thakurgaon offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors to discover.

The people, location, and overall culture of the place are sure to provide mesmerizing experiences and memories for any traveler to cherish and remember.


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