Whether you are setting up a new business or are embroiled in a personal issue, there is no other alternative than following legal protocols and respecting the law. Adherence to legal affairs necessitates significant oversight from experts in the field.

In this age of economic advancements and ever-increasing legal complexities, there is hardly any other option left for an individual than to keep a law firm in one’s arsenal, since these firms host legal specialists in numerous legal fields, expertise in each one of them, meticulously.

This article elaborates on the best law firms in Dhaka.

1. The Lawyers & Jurists

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The Lawyers & Jurists is one of the Best Law Firms in Dhaka

‘Lawyers and Jurists’ is one of the leading legal firms in the country. It is a non-profit organization that offers numerous legal solutions ranging from family law, corporate law, taxation matters, vetting of documents, and more. It’s a firm that boasts a significant reputation for a diverse and enormous client base.

2. Advocacy Legal

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Advocacy legal is considered to be one of the best law firms in the country. The firm provides legal consultations by some of the best lawyers in the country regarding issues related to family matters, Writ and High court matters, corporate documentation, and more

3. Dhaka Law Firm

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Dhaka Law Firm

Dhaka Law firm is one of the most dedicated and renowned law firms in Bangladesh. The firm works steadfastly to provide successful legal representation to its clients. The company provides services ranging from Taxation, Business Law, Family law, and more.

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4. Accord Chambers

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Accord Chambers is one of the best law firms in town that has both recognition in the domestic arena and a significant global outreach. Employing some of the country’s best lawyers, the firm is renowned for its state-of-the-art shipping and dispute resolution practices.

Moreover, the company is also known for providing its services to sectors ranging from Fashion, RMG, and lifestyle, manufacturing and heavy industries, insurance and reinsurance, and more. Their services include aiding in business setup, foreign investments, labor law compliance, Tax and TP Advisory, and more.

5. Akhtar Iman & Associates

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Established in 1980, Akhtar Imam & Associates is one of the most renowned law firms in the country. It is known for providing a wide range of legal services to national and multinational corporations. The services provided by this firm include company litigation, judicial review, arbitration, and more.

6. Bangladesh Law partners

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Located in Baridhara DOHS of Dhaka, Bangladesh Law partners is a one-stop shop legal firm that has been ranked and recognized internationally. The company has specialization in Commercial, Arbitration, Civil, Criminal, Family, Writ & High Court Matters. It has experience in representing both national and international clients from diverse professions and cases.

7. Rahman & Rabbi Legal

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Located in Eskaton of Dhaka, Rahman and Rabbi legal is one of the best law firms in the country. The firm engages in practice in areas ranging from business law, intellectual property, arbitration, telecommunications, and more.

8. Rahman Law Associates

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Rahman Law Associates is one of the most prominent law firms in Bangladesh. It specializes in Business but also provides services regarding family matters, employment matters, arbitration, property rights, and more.

9. The legal Ace

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The LEGAL ACE is one of Bangladesh’s most comprehensive law firms that provides an extensive range of Criminal and Civil Litigation, Banking and NI Act, TAX & VAT, Company, Corporate Law, Regulatory and more. It has experience in serving a diverse clientele base which includes domestic and international companies, banks and financial institutions, funds, promoter groups, and public sector undertakings.

10. Tanjib Alam & Associates

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Located in Kawran bazar of Dhaka, Tanjib Alam and Associates is a newly established law chamber that has quickly gained a reputation for its immaculate and successful legal representations. Their legal team comprises associates with vast experience in corporate and commercial practice in Bangladesh.

They are driven by the objective of providing a full range of corporate and commercial legal services to a variety of clientele, with diligence. The firm specializes in banking, international trade, securities and exchange laws, arbitration, admiralty, administrative, constitutional law, and more.

11. McLaw Services

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McLaw Services is one of the fastest-growing multidisciplinary International Law Firms in Bangladesh. The company boasts an experienced, qualified, and professional team of lawyers and technical experts. The services provided by this firm span within the territory of Admiralty and Maritime Law, Banking and Insurance Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, and International Trade Law.

12. Russel and partners

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Russel & Partners is a well-known law firm in Bangladesh, known for its comprehensive legal services. The firm specializes in Corporate and Commercial Law, Company Law, Labor Law, Public Private Partnership Law PPP, Information Technology Law, Banking Law, Energy Law, Immigration Law, and more. The company is devoted to providing excellent one-stop legal service solutions to its clients.

Legal firms are literal life-saving firms if chosen correctly. These firms employ lawyers that represent an individual’s case, meaning an individual’s stakes lie in the representation done by these lawyers of the legal firms. Hence, it is important to choose a legal firm wisely.


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