Narail district is located in Bangladesh’s southwestern region. It is located in the Khulna division and is bounded by the districts of Jessore and Magura. According to the 2022 census, the district covers an area of around 990.23 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 788,673 people.

Narail’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, with a strong emphasis on rice fields and fishing. The district is also famous for its vegetable, jute, and banana production.

How to Visit Narail from Dhaka?

Narail can be visited from Dhaka using multiple routes, either by road or by train, and even by air. The road distance between Dhaka and Narail is about 150 kilometers. One can avail bus services from companies such as Eagle Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise, and more. Moreover, the train route from Dhaka to Narail via Noapara lasts around 9 hours.

Furthermore, an individual can also avail the by air route from Dhaka to Narail via Jessore airport.

4 Places to visit in Narail

1. Sultan Complex

The Sultan complex is located in Mashimdia village, 12 km away from city, in the district of Narail. It was constructed in 2003 on 23 acres of land, in the memory of the renowned painter S.M. Sultan. The complex holds an art gallery, evergreen gardens and the tomb of S.M. Sultan. In the art gallery over 23 paintings and used items have been preserved.

It is a popular destination to visit for art enthusiasts travelling the district.

2. Narail Badha Ghat

The Badhaghat is located on the banks of the Chitra River, next to Victoria College, 3 kilometers from the city, in the Narail district.

The Badhaghat is located on the banks of the Chitra River, next to Victoria College, 3 kilometers from the city, in the Narail district.

It is an ancient water body built by the Zamindar of Narail next to his residence, for which the Badhaghat also gets it alternative name, Rakbari Ghat. The water body espouses an ambient environment, which adds to the beauty of the area. Thus, many tourists and locals alike frequent this place, making it one of the most popular places to visit in the district.

3. Niribili Picnic Spot

Constructed in 1991, Niribili Picnic Spot is situated in Rampur Upazila of Narail district. This picnic spot sits on 14 acres and has plenty of things to do for both adults and kids. You can enjoy playgrounds, a small zoo, art, swings, rope ways, water boats and more.

4. Shopnobithi Picnic Spot

Shopnobithi Picnic Spot is located in Rampur, in the Narail district’s Lohgara Upazila. The picnic area covers a vast area of 12 acres of land and is regarded as one of the most serene and stunning spots in the district. Furthermore, it offers a variety of amenities such as a miniature zoo, sculptures, restaurants, boat rides, and much more. As a result, Shopnobithi Picnic Spot has become one of the district’s most popular tourist destinations as well.

2 Foods to try in Narail

1. Pera Sandesh

Pera Sandesh is a milk-based sweet that is widely popular due to its sweet, smooth, and pleasant flavor. In the district of Narail, this sweet can be found in abundance.

2. Date Molasses

The Date Molasses of Narail is of great reputation. People throughout the country buy this food item from all over the country during winter, when date plums grow in abundance.

2 Places to stay in Narail

1. Chitra Resort, Narail

Chitra resort is located near Sheikh Russel Bridge of Narail City. The place is well known for its beautiful and peaceful ambience. The resort offers premium lodging facilities, from rooms in its tower complex to wooden cottages. The resort overlooks the river Chitra and offers its guests numerous amenities such as fishing, tennis, a river cruise, and more.

2. Arunima Resort Golf Club

Arunima Resort Golf Club is located in Panipara of Narail district. It is a famous resort with a huge golf club inscribed within it. The resort offers numerous types of luxury accommodations for its guests along with a premium hospitality experience.

Things to do in Narail

There’s an array of activities to do in Narail district, perfect for adventure lovers and history enthusiasts alike. From thrilling hikes to scenic boat rides along the rivers cutting through the area, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, the district is rich in historical sites and landmarks that add an extra layer of charm to its already alluring surroundings.


Narail is an amazing district in the south of the country. Exploring and experiencing this district should bring delights in many ways to anyone travelling to this place.


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