Are you looking for the perfect place for your dream wedding? Well, to celebrate the most blissful occasion in your life, you need the best place with all its arrangements and grandeur. Besides the wedding dress, jewelry, guests and more, finding the perfect venue can be an exhausting task.

To easily find your perfect place to pronounce marital vows, check out this list of the best wedding venues in Dhaka. 

1. Lakeshore Hotel 

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Lakeshore Hotel is one of the best wedding venues in Dhaka.

Lakeshore Hotel offers true local hospitality and arranges the best place for your wedding vows. Right at the heart of Dhaka, this hotel offers all kinds of wedding decorations, food and other arrangements in a grandeur style. The buffet food, customized service and friendly staff make it the best wedding venue in town. 

2. Zam Zam Convention Center

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Zam Zam Convention Center is a fantastic option for wedding venue selection. They arrange beautifully decorated wedding halls with all kinds of arrangements so you and your family along with guests can enjoy a beautiful unification of souls through the wedding vows. The amiable services with their spacious halls cater to your needs. 

3. Marriott Convention Center

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With its high ceilings and grandeur, Marriott Convention Center is a classy and reliable wedding venue. The spacious center hall, great customer service and friendly staff are few of its highlights. The large parking space for the guests and the affordable pricing makes it a great option.

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4. Le Meridien Dhaka

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Le Meridien

Le Meridien Dhaka is an exquisite wedding place in Dhaka. It features 2 spacious ballrooms with a gigantic chandelier, rich wood paneling and high ceilings. The 513 square meters in size Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 461 people. The other Ballroom is 419 square-meter and can accommodate 370 guests. There are other facilities like places for smaller parties, green rooms and more. 

5. White Hall Convention Center

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White Hall Convention Center is a large and beautiful wedding venue with its different features. Some facilities are greenroom, built-in stage, aesthetically pleasing backdrop and scopes of customization. The mouthwatering foods catered by the center win the heart of the guests. 

6. Sena Malancha

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Sena Malancha is an aesthetically designed wedding hall that can accommodate up to 5000 people. With its delicious foods, its dining capacity is about 1300 people at a time. In total, the banquet encompasses a huge area. They are well known for their customer satisfaction. 

7. Six Seasons Banquet Hall

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Six Seasons Banquet Hall

Six Seasons Banquet Hall is well known for its pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. For those looking for an intimate wedding, this is a great option as within the peaceful environment of the venue, you can accommodate up to 140 guests at a time. There are multiple halls to choose from. 

8. Dream World Convention Center

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Dream World Convention Center is an affordable and amazing option for a reunion of souls in a marital relationship. The venue is in a prime location and has tons of food options to choose from. The spacious hall and customizable stage is perfect for any kind of event along with a grand wedding. 

9. KIB (Krishibid Institution) Complex

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KIB (Krishibid Institution) Complex is one of the latest additions to the best wedding venues in Dhaka. Its stunning exterior along with its elegant interior makes it a magnificent venue. It is built to house around 1000 guests at a time. The dining capacity is 450 guests at a time. It has gained popularity for its prime location and beautiful architecture. 

10. Uttara Community Center

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Uttara Community Center is one of the most popular wedding venues in Uttara. To cater to your needs, the center offers different wedding packages with customizable designs and arrangements. The excellent servicing and delicious food options add to its beautiful interior. 

11. Raowa Convention Hall

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Raowa Convention Hall

For an aristocratic style wedding, an incredible choice will be Raowa Convention Hall. With its three large well decorated halls, it can accommodate up to 1000 people. There are different packages for civil and military personnel. The catering service offers high quality service and delicious food. 

12. Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall

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Well known for its ravishing food, Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall is one of the best options out there. It can house about 600 people and it offers beautiful and elegant large banquet halls. Whether you are aiming for a small or big wedding, this venue is a trustworthy option with its high performing staff and customer service. 

13. Aziz Manzil

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Possessing a lovely spacious garden, Aziz Manzil is an amazing choice for those who are looking for an outdoor wedding celebration. You can enjoy a hybrid wedding venue, as the hall capacity is 800 people. The aura of grandeur and marvelous decorations make it a charming place for a wedding ceremony. 

14. The Westin Dhaka

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With its modern amenities and tons of customized options, the Westin Dhaka is definitely a great choice. The expansive outdoor venue of the place has a gold painted ceiling. It can accommodate about 350 of your guests. The ambience of the venue reaches the height of elegance and you can feel royalty in your wedding. 

15. Radisson Blu Water Garden

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Radisson Blu Water Garden

Radisson Blu Water Garden is not only one of the grand hotels in the heart of Dhaka, it is also one of the great wedding venues in town. The acres of lush gardens and tons of incredible conveniences, this hotel offers an unforgettable wedding experience with its services. Featuring the five-star resort amenities and helpful staff, the hotel ensures to make your best day more special. 

Choosing the best wedding venue can be quite a hassle among other shenanigans. The listed wedding venues in Dhaka are dependable with their fantastic customer service and tons of amenities. So don’t stress further and book your day now! 


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