Natore district is located in northern Bangladesh and it is a part of the Rajshahi division. The district has a population of around 1,706,673 people and an area of approximately 1,900.05 square kilometers. Natore is bounded to the north by Naogaon and Bogra districts, to the south by Pabna and Kushtia districts, to the east by Sirajganj districts, and to the west by Rajshahi district.

Natore’s economy is mostly centered on agriculture, with rice, wheat, and sugarcane being the key sources of income for its population. Furthermore, the district is well-known for its mango and banana production. Several industries, including sugar mills, rice mills, and textiles, are also located in the district.

How to Visit Natore from Dhaka?

Natore can be visited from Dhaka either by train, road or flight via Rajshahi. The distance between Dhaka and Natore is about 210 kilometers. One can avail the direct bus services from companies such as DESH TRAVELS, SHYAMOLI PARIBAHAN, HANIF PARIBAHAN, and more. Moreover, the direct train journey from Dhaka to Natore lasts around 4 hours.

Furthermore, to avail the flight route, one needs to travel from Dhaka to Rajshahi through a direct flight. Afterward, Natore needs to be traveled from Rajshahi by road.

4 Places to visit in Natore

1. Chalan Beel

Chalan Beel is a wetland in Bangladesh that is surrounded by the districts of Sirajganj, Natore, and Pabna. It is a huge inland depression with a marshy character and a diverse flora and fauna. The Chalan Beel is nourished by 47 rivers and other streams. The banks of the beel are densely forested with kash, babla, simul, and other plants.

The beel features a diverse biodiversity, which includes over seven species of frogs and one species of toad, 34 species of reptiles, and 27 species of mammals.

2. Uttara Gonobhobon

The Dighapatia Palace, also known as Uttara Gonobhobon, was erected in the 18th century as the residence for the Maharajas of Dighapatia. It is situated in the city of Natore. In 1734, King Dayaram Raya, the founder of the Dighapatia dynasty, constructed the main part of the Dighapatia Palace and other nearby buildings on around 43 acres of land.

The Uttara Gonobhobon is made up of 12 buildings of various shapes and sizes that were designed in an Indo-Arabic style. The area is surrounded by a lush green backdrop of plants and trees. Tourists from all over the country visit and admire the site because of its historical significance and beauty.

3. Natore Rajbari

Natore Rajbari was a renowned royal palace in Bangladesh’s Natore district. It was the home and seat of the Rajshahi Raj Zamindar family. The palace was constructed on around 50 acres of land in the early 18th century. The palace is built in the Classical Roman style. Natore Rajbari is one of the most famous tourist sites in the country due to its historical significance and beauty.

4. Green Valley Park

Green Valley Park is the largest recreational park in the district of Natore. It is located about 2 kilometers away from the Lalpur Upazila Sadar in the district of Natore, and is built on about 123 bighas of land. The recreational park comes with a lot of amenities to provide an amazing experience to its customers.

The Park has rides such as mini trains, paddle boats, Nogordola, and more, catering to both young and adults.

Additionally, the park features vibrant picnic spots, top-class eateries, and a host of other amenities that make it an all-encompassing destination to explore in Natore.

Foods to try in Natore

1. Kacha Golla

Kacha Golla is one of Natore district's most well-known traditional sweets.

Kacha Golla is one of Natore district’s most well-known traditional sweets. It is created from chhana (milk cheese curds) that has been soaked in sheera or sugar syrup and then evaporated in a unique process. For hundreds of years, the sweet had been served to the Zamindars of the region, and it still remains a delectable treat, best served at celebrations.

2 Places to stay in Natore

1. VIP Hotel Natore

VIP Hotel Natore is located in Horish Pur, Natore Sadar, near the Dhaka-Natore Highway. The hotel is known for providing top-class hospitality and numerous amenities.

2. Hotel Prince

Hotel Prince is located in Station Bazar, near the Dhaka–Natore Highway, in the district of Natore. The hotel provides good accommodation facilities, hospitality, and necessary amenities, to make for a pleasant stay.

Things to do in Natore

Natore has a variety of activities for its visitors. From visiting historical sites to admiring and viewing the district’s enchanting natural beauty on a walk or even a trek, or boating across the Chalan beel, this district is one of the most intriguing places in the country to visit.


Natore is one of the most significant districts in Northern Bangladesh. The district is known for playing a historical part in the culmination of this region, and thus is rich in history, through its iconic structures. Thus, it is a great place to visit and discover for any traveler.


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