Through the proliferation of the internet and credit/ debit cards, payment service providers in Bangladesh have gained significant prominence both globally, and also in Bangladesh. To offer smooth and secure transactions, companies have competed in recent times to provide the best services at the lowest costs.

Increased competition and innovations have thus improved both the quality and number of users of these services. With the sheer number of people dependent on payment service providers, they have become an integral part in the digitalization of the economy of Bangladesh.

This article elaborates on the top payment service providers in Bangladesh.


SSLCOMMERZ is one of the best payment service providers in Bangladesh.

SSLCOMMERZ is one of the leading and widely used payment service providers in Bangladesh. The company has got a Payment Service Operator (PSO) license issued by the Bangladesh Bank in their name. This payment gateway only requires their customers to deposit a small setup fee, and a VAT/NID certificate to register, and begin their subscription.

2. Portwallet

Portwallet is a widely used payment service provider in Bangladesh. It is an advanced payment gateway with an inbuilt API system and connective solutions. Their subscriptions require customers to deposit a certain subscription fee and TIN/ VAT certificate. They have no extra charges for refunds.

3. AamarPay

AamarPay is a leading fintech company that offers affordable payment gateway services to both everyday customers and businesses, for both B2B and B2C transactions. The company charges one of the cheapest setup fees, and no annual fees.

No annual fees. 

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4. ShurjaPay

Providing payment gateway solutions since 2010, ShurjaPay is one of the most prominent payment service providers in Bangladesh. They charge a setup fee but no monthly or annual subscription fees. To subscribe to their services, an individual requires their NID and TIN/ VAT number. 

5. BttPay

Bttpay is a leading payment service provider across Asia. The company provides payment services to numerous businesses in diverse categories. This payment system accepts payment from over 100 currencies globally. Its subscription entails no annual charge or setup fee, and only commission charges on each payment. TIN number, and a valid trade license by the subscribed business.

6. FastSpring

FastSpring is one of the most prominent global payment services available to payment services worldwide. Their payment services support transactions from over 200 currencies, and provide real-time fee reporting. Their subscription entails no setup or monthly fees.

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7. 2checkout

Established in 2006, 2checkout is a prominent international payment service provider. 2checkout accepts almost all major currencies in use worldwide, and payment options from almost all the major credit card providers such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and more. Their subscription entails no setup or annual fees, Vat or TIN numbers, and a valid trade license.

8. Easy Pay Way

Easy Pay Way is one of the most secure and smooth online transaction payment services in Bangladesh. Their currency only supports the Bangladeshi Taka and users can avail payment options from major credit card brands ranging from Visa, Mastercard, and Nexus debit/credit cards, and more. Their security is provided through SSL encryption.

Subscription to Easy Pay Way entails very cheap subscription fees, and annual fees (no annual fees on basic subscription), TIN number, and trade license.


Established in 1996, is a leading and highly secure payment service provider in Bangladesh. The service provider accepts payment from all currencies, and major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. Subscription to entails no setup charges, a monthly fee, NID and TIN certificates.

10. Walletmix

Walletmix is a prominent business-to-business (B2B) payment service provider. The company accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other prominent credit card brands. Transactions remain secure in Walletmix by the enforcement of PCI-DSS, SSL, CCV, AVS systems. 

Subscriptions to Walletmix necessitate annual fees, a small setup charge, and necessary Identifications through NID and TIN numbers.

The aforementioned payment service providers above elaborate on the best payment service providers in Bangladesh. These are highly secure and customer friendly for both business transactions, and personal transactions.


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