Shariatpur district is located in central Bangladesh’s Dhaka Division. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The district has a population of around 1.155,824 million people and an area of approximately 1,174.05 square kilometers.

Shariatpur district’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, with its lush lands producing abundant harvests of products such as rice, jute, sugarcane, and vegetables. Shariatpur is also endowed with a vast river network, including the majestic Padma River, which provides abundant fishing opportunities, boosting the local economy.

The stunning landscapes of this area, combined with its agrarian wealth, make it a significant destination in Bangladesh’s heartland.

How to Visit Shariatpur from Dhaka?

The districts of Dhaka and Shariatpur are adjacent to each other. The distance between the two districts is about 90 kilometers. It is best to take the road route to travel to Shariatpur, due to its proximity from Dhaka. Once can avail bus services from companies such as Glory Transport, Chandra Transport, and more.

Moreover, it is also possible to take a taxi directly from Dhaka to Shariatpur due to the short distance.

3 Places to visit in Shariatpur

1. Modern Fantasy Kingdom

Modern Fantasy Kingdom is situated at Kalukathi, Kaderpur Union in Shariatpur’s Naria Upazila. It is the only amusement park in Sariatpur. The Modern Fantasy Kingdom is home to the largest big fish aquarium in the country. Every day, thousands of people visit this location because of its intriguing amenities and family-friendly setting.

2. The Burirhat Mosque

The Burirhat Mosque is a historical mosque located in Vedarganj Upazila of the Shariatpur district. The mosque is built on Islamic architectural designs and has significant religious and historical importance to the inhabitants of the area.

3. Dhanuka Mansha Bari

Shariatpur District

Dhanuka Manasa Bari is a 600-year-old temple in the village of Dhanuka, Sadar Upazila, Shariatpur. It is one of Shariatpur’s most treasured heritage sites and landmarks. Most of the structures in the area are in ruins or have been lost to antiquity, but the Durga temple, a Kali temple, a Manasa temple, Nahabat khana, and a Sanskrit school are still standing, holding the history of the place.

Foods to try in Shariatpur

1. Bibikhana Pitha

Bibikhana Pitha is a popular and distinctive Bengali dessert from Shariatpur. It’s a soft, delicate cake with a melt-in-your-mouth quality. Bibikhana Pitha is a delightfully sweet rice cake that has been infused with thickened milk and sweetened with jaggery. This dish is especially popular at celebrations and festivals.

2 Places to stay in Shariatpur

1. Jahid Home

Hotel Mukta International is located in Naria- Chakdah Road of the Shariatpur district. The hotel is known for providing good hospitality and numerous amenities such as room service, attached bath, and more at very affordable rates.

2. Taltola Guest House

Taltola Guest House is located Taltola – Kakaldi Road, Furshail of the Shariatpur district. The hotel is renowned for its top-class hospitality and provides numerous basic amenities.

Things to do in Shariatpur

The Shariatpur district is abuzz with activities ranging from hiking through its parks and historical surroundings to boating on the river Padma, which runs through the area. The history, nature, food, and people of the district all contribute to the district’s culture and way of life, making it an ideal backdrop for any traveler to discover.


Shariatpur is a lively district located in central Bangladesh, at a very close proximity to the capital of the country. Shariatpur offers a blend of experience that amalgamates distinct cultural features and traits from districts all over the country. With its fascinating people, culture, geography, and rich history, this place is a must-visit destination for any curious traveler.


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