Situated in the southwestern side of Bangladesh, Bagerhat district is a district within the division of Khulna. The district encompasses a land area of 3,959.11 square kilometers, with an approximated population of 1,613,079 people. It is a port district that consists of the Mongla port, lands for cultivation, and banked on the Bay of Bengal.

How to Visit Bagerhat from Dhaka?

To visit Bagerhat district from Dhaka, one can avail the means of bus, train, and even air services. However, only the bus service runs direct routes from Dhaka to Bagerhat. Bus services such as Hanif, Soudia, SaintMartin and more operates direct bus services from Dhaka to Bagerhat.

Apart from this, train services can also be availed by taking Dhaka to Khulna trains, and then going by road to Bagerhat, moreover, air services can also be availed by taking flights from Dhaka to Barisal, and then going on road by bus or taxis to Bagerhat.

5 Places to visit in Bagerhat

1. Sundarbans

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is primarily located in the Bagerhat district of the Khulna division of Bangladesh. The mangrove trees, wildlife, inhabitants, and everything else in the place has mesmerized visitors to the Sundarbans since ages.

Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a highly encouraged place to visit in Bangladesh, to know the geography of the country better.

2. Sixty Dome Mosque

The Sixty Dome Mosque or locally known as the Shait Gambuj Mosque is a historic mosque located in the Bagerhat district of Bangladesh.

The Sixty Dome Mosque or locally known as the Shait Gambuj Mosque is a historic mosque located in the Bagerhat district of Bangladesh. The mosque contains sixty domes and hence is named after it.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that delineates the story of the inception of Islam in the early days. It is a mosque built during the Bengal Sultanate by Khan Jahan Ali, a prominent Muslim saint in Bengal.

3. Port of Mongla

Located in Mogla Upazila of Bagerhat the Mongla port is an important seaport of Bangladesh. It is the second-busiest port in Bangladesh, a hub to numerous international shipping companies. Overlooking the port, one can see the magnificent view of hundreds of ships lining up across the port.

4. Khan Jahan Ali’s Tomb

Khan Jahan Ali was an important Muslim saint during the period of the Bengal Sultanate. The mausoleum of Khan Jahan Ali houses the tomb of Khan Jahan Ali, surrounded by dighis and a mazar. The place also has a crocodile pond, with near mythical status and historical importance.

5. Mosque City of Bagerhat

The mosque city of Bagerhat, also known as Khilafatabad is place within the Bagerhat district that is known for having 360 mosques of numerous shapes and sizes built during the period of Bengal Sultanate. The 60 domes mosque is also a part of this place.

The unique architecture and the historical significance of this place, has made it a very important and exclusive place to visit in Bagerhat.

3 Foods to try in Bagerhat

1. Shrimp brains and legs

Shrimps with brains and legs is one of the most iconic dishes of Bagerhat. Given the massive shrimp production of this district, this dish is widely available in Bagerhat. It is an outstanding delicacy that one must try.

2. Figs With Coconut Milk

Figs with coconut milk is a special delicacy found in southern Bangladesh, particularly in Bagerhat. Salted and garnished, figs are steamed with a mixture of spices, topped off with a blend of coconut milk. It is a must-have-have delicacy for anyone visiting Bagerhat.

3. Spicy Garlic with Lemon

Spicy garlic with lemon is an exquisite street food of Bagerhat, that has high popularity among the locals as well as outside visitors. It has a unique taste sure to mesmerize your taste buds.

5 Places to stay in Bagerhat

1. Hotel Pashur

Hotel Pashur is a public hotel owned by the government. The hotel promises to provide quality service and amenities to its residents at affordable rates.

2. Circuit House, Bagerhat

The circuit hose in Bagerhat is a government-run rest house built particularly for accommodating government employees, as well as normal citizens at affordable rates and with appropriate amenities.

3. Hotel Al Amin

Hotel Al Amin is a private hotel in Bagerhat that provides quality services to its residents. It provides modern amenities and highly customized rooms for its diverse clients.

4. Hotel Dhanshiri

Hotel Dhanshiri is a private hotel just beside the Bagerhat circuit house. The hotel provide high quality services and amenities at affordable rates.

5. Jarif Hotel

Jarif Hotel is a highly affordable hotel in Bagerhat. The accommodation provides exquisite services and amenities to its clients.

Things to do in Bagerhat

Bagerhat district is abundant with activities and beautiful scenery and historical significance. Bagerhat offers a plethora of activities for travelers to immerse themselves in. These activities include exploring historical mosques and learning about Bengal’s culture, as well as discovering Sundarbans’ wildlife through organized trips. There is no shortage of opportunities for travelers to enjoy their time in Bagerhat and engage in a variety of experiences.


Bagerhat district is a place of historical significance and a place with a lot of opportunities to explore and discover new food, places, and people. By discovering Bagerhat, one doesn’t only know about this unique place, but also knows about Bangladesh as a whole.


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