Sirajganj district is located in Bangladesh’s northwestern region, inside the administrative division of Rajshahi. It has a population of around 3,097,489 people and a land area of approximately 2,498 square kilometers. The region is well-known for its abundant agricultural resources, weaving industry, and overall strong economy.

Sirajganj district’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and industry, with factories, extensive paddy fields, and fishing all playing important roles. The region benefits from the Jamuna River’s strategic location, which helps trade and transportation.

Sirajganj district exhibits Bangladesh’s natural beauty and is a thriving hub of economic activity driven by its industrial and agricultural production.

How to Visit Sirajganj from Dhaka?

Sirajganj district can be visited from Dhaka either by train, road or a flight via Rajshahi. The distance between Dhaka and Natore is about 210 kilometers. One can avail direct bus services from companies such as DESH TRAVELS, SHYAMOLI PARIBAHAN, HANIF PARIBAHAN, and more. Moreover, the direct train journey from Dhaka to Natore lasts around 4 hours.

Furthermore, to avail the flight route, one needs to travel from Dhaka to Rajshahi through a direct flight. Afterward, Natore needs to be traveled from Rajshahi by road.

3 Places to visit in Sirajganj

1. Noborotno Mondir

Sirajganj district

Navratna Mondir was an old Hindu temple that is now a popular medieval archaeological relic in Sirajganj district’s Hatikumarul village. Dewan Ramanath Bhaduri built the temple in 1664 in an imitation of Dinajpur’s Kantojir Temple. The temple is notable for its terracotta-styled walls and historical significance throughout the region.

2. Rabindra Kachari Ghar

Rabindra Kachari Ghar is the ancestral zamindar house of Rabindranath Thakur, the great Bengali poet. It is situated in Shahzadpur Upazila, 40 kilometers from Sirajganj Sadar. The location is steeped in history, including that of the Great poet, his Zemindar family, and the British colonial rule in the region.

On 10 bighas of land, the Rabindra Kachari mansion was erected in Indo-European architectural designs. This house is currently being used as the Rabindra Museum.

3. China Badh

The China Badh, also known as the China Crossover-3, is a water dam built by the Bangladesh Water Development Board on the banks of the Yamuna River to conserve water.

The dam has indirectly influenced the entire biodiversity and ambiance of the area over the years by providing clear waters, a green grassed pasture, and other amenities. During the monsoon season, this location is at its finest.

Foods to try in Sirajganj

1. Panitowa

Panitowa is a milk-based sweet that is widely available in the sweet shops of Sirajganj. The sweet is frequently consumed at gatherings to commemorate celebrations, festivities, and joy. Panitowa is one of the district’s most popular desserts due to its distinct sweet flavor and soft texture.

Places to stay in Sirajganj

1. Jamuna Bilash Hotel

Jamuna Bilash Hotel is located near the Sirajganj Railway Station of the district. The hotel is known for providing good hospitality and numerous amenities such as room service, attached bath, and more at very affordable rates.

Things to do in Sirajganj

Sirajganj is a charming district with numerous activities to choose from, including sightseeing, trekking, and exploring historical places. Sirajganj also hosts a number of fairs on a monthly basis. As a result, visitors passing through Sirajganj can participate in a variety of activities.


Sirajganj district is an important place both economically and geographically within the map of Bangladesh. The district plays a crucial role in driving the economy of the country and also contributes significantly to the rich cultural tapestry of Bangladesh. Travelers are guaranteed to be captivated by the captivating and unforgettable experiences that await them in this district.


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