The Bhola district is situated in the South-central region of Bangladesh, and is named after the biggest Island within the region, as well as in Bangladesh, Bhola. The district has a total of 1,932,514 people encompassed within an area of 3,403.48 square kilometers. The district is located within the Barisal division of Bangladesh.

How to Visit Bhola from Dhaka?

Bhola can be visited directly from Dhaka either by the water route through launch boat services. To avail direct bus services, one can book tickets with a launch boat operator from Sadarghat of Dhaka. Aside from this, rail travel and air travel and then by road indirect travel initiatives can also be taken to reach the district.

5 Places to visit in Bhola

1. Monpura Island

The Monpura Island is one of the most popular islands within the Bhola district. Manpura Island is bordered by the Meghna river on all sides, except the Bay of Bengal to the south. It is one of Bangladesh’s most stunning locations and a popular tourist destination in Bhola.

The island features a fish enclosure known as the Chaudhary Project, a landing station (500 meters within the Meghna River), and a deer sanctuary.

2. Jacob Tower

Jacob Tower, also known as Charfashion Tower, is a 16 storied 225-foot-high tower, which is considered to be the tallest watchtower within the subcontinent. The tower is located in Char fashion of the Bhola district. Atop the tower, magnificent scenes of the natural landscape of Bhola can be experienced at a glance.

3. Tetulia River Ecopark

The Tetulia River Ecopark is located in Borhanuddin upazila near the banks of Tentulia river. It is a place that provides a stunning view of the clear waters of the Tetulia river. It is a family-friendly place and a unique destination to visit, even on a low budget.

4. Nizam Hasina Mosque

Nizam Hasina Mosque is the largest mosque in the Southern region of Bangladesh. The mosque is built on 1.5 acres of land, beautified by adding diverse colors of marbles, calligraphy, attractive fountains, and well-maintained flower gardens.

5. Char Kukri Mukri

It is situated on the banks of the Mohona river in the Bhola district.

Char Kukri Mukri is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Bangladesh. It is situated on the banks of the Mohona river in the Bhola district. Numerous species of flora and fauna can be explored in this place. The place is a must-go, for anyone visiting Bhola.

Foods to try in Bhola

1. Buffalo Curd

The buffalo curd of Bhola is the most iconic food that you can try out while visiting this district. It is a raw curd made with buffalo milk. The curd is often served with the addition of puffed rice and sugar. It is a healthy and delicious dish, highly popular in this region.

3 Places to stay in Bhola

1. The Papillon Hotel

The Papillion hotel in Bhola is a modern hotel that provides all the modern amenities and hospitality, that promises to make your stay a splendid one.

2. Hotel Bay Island

Hotel Bay Island is located in Bhola Sadar of the Bhola district. It is recognized as a hotel dedicated to satisfy customer needs by providing meticulous services and amenities, to provide their customers with the best hospitality possible.

3. Hotel Asia

Hotel Asia is an exquisite hotel in the Bhola Sadar of Bhola district. The hotel offers great hospitality and amenities, at an affordable rate.

Things to do in Bhola

Bhola is the only deltaic island in Bangladesh, and an island centric district in Bangladesh. Bhola provides a unique experience for its visitors, either by cruising through the rivers, or exploring the wildlife and history that the district has to offer.


Bhola is a unique district in the geography of Bangladesh. It is a condiment and an integral part that plays an essential role in making this place special.


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