Are you a Bangladeshi student who dreams of studying abroad? Well, depending on your subject and goal in your career, there are many options to resort to. However, it might be hard to navigate which country to study in. 

If you are one of those who want to go to Canada or USA, but cannot figure out which one is the best option for you. Then check out this guide of Canada vs USA to know which country is best for you as a Bangladeshi student. 

Eligibility criteria

Canada vs USA Eligibility criteria

If you want to go abroad for undergraduate, then you need to sit for SAT exams for most American and Canadian universities. In terms of applying for a postgraduate degree, you need to have different documentation for the two countries.

USA universities prefer GMAT/ GRE along with a good GPA and IELTS/ TOEFL score. Canadian universities expect good GPA and IELTS/ TOEFL. So whichever scoring is easier for you, you can go for it.

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Quality of education

Both the USA and Canada have over 4000 universities across the countries. On one hand, the USA has around 12 universities ranking in world wide best universities along with being home to Ivy League schools.

In Canada, Toronto University, McGill University and in total 8 world ranking excellent universities are there. None tops another, but as a Bangladeshi student, you need to target which would be your dream university. 



Both countries can be quite expensive for Bangladeshi students. In the USA, annually, around US$33,215 is required for undergraduate students. In Canada, an undergraduate student needs at least US$23,300 annually.

Depending on the university fees and living expenses, the cost varies. But if you have a scholarship in Canadian universities, you can find it way more affordable. For the USA, there are many options for financial aid. 

Employment opportunities 

It is a great advantage if you can start earning while you study in the future, a lot of opportunities open up for you. Both counties allow students to work part time. The US ranks 3rd in employment possibilities and Canada is in 5th position.

In both countries, you can work as a financial manager, teacher, nurse practitioner, pharmacist and more to earn quite a good sum of money. Besides these, the hourly pay of both the countries are good enough for part time jobs. 

Concluding comments

Whether you study in Canada or the USA, you need to keep in mind the costing and immigration policies. Although both countries vary, both provide great education options and varied employment scopes.

From the above listed factors, you can decide which country suits you best. With the USA vs Canada guide, you can choose between your options and venture for a better future.


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