In this present globalized world, information and education are something that you can easily grasp in your hand without paying tons of money. YouTube has become one of the main platforms for education and learning anything you want.

Be it how to tie a tie or learn Python, there are a lot of educational videos. In Bangladesh, there are many content creators who work relentlessly to make knowledge accessible and available. All you need do is to grab your chance.

For that, check out this list of the best educational YouTube channels in Bangladesh. 

1. 10 Minute School

 10 Minute School is one of the Educational YouTube Channels in Bangladesh

One of the most popular among the youth and young adults is the 10 Minute School. Founded by Ayman Sadik, this channel offers a holistic learning experience for people. With content varying from academic content to CV writing and other skill development, this channel has a lot to offer, so you never stop learning.

2. Business Inspection BD

With over 470K subscribers, Business Inspection BD is one of the most popular learning platforms for business plans. The lectures in Bengali language help the local people of all walks of life to learn all the strategies, marketing skills, business must-do’s and more in a single platform. If you want to become an entrepreneur, then this is the right channel for you.

3. Onnorokom Pathshala

Onnorokom Pathshala is a helpful channel for those students who are candidates for Higher Secondary and college admission. It covers all subjects of the curriculum including Science, Bangla, English, Religion and curriculum studies of the Bangladesh Education Board.

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4. HulkenStein HSC

Another great channel to prepare students for Higher Secondary examinations and content of the national curriculum is the HulkenStein HSC. They offer videos on multiple subjects that are taught by a number of professional educators. Currently, they have over 214K subscribers.

5. KhanAcademyBangla


The Bengali version of the famous Khan Academy, KhanAcademyBangla is one of the popular channels. You can learn educational content from primary and secondary to higher and complex knowledge. One of the highlights of the channel is its excellent facilitators, who are mostly professional teachers. 

6. Athena Science Academy

Athena Science Academy is well known as one of the prominent coaching channels in Bangladesh. They offer educational videos on a range of topics and interact with the commenters to enhance the learning experience.  Barun Kanti Ghosh is the founder and main content creator of the channel.

7. Amader School

When it comes to online learning, Amader School offers tons of videos for viewers to watch. Especially for physics, chemistry and biology, this channel is a one-stop channel for HSC and SSC level students. The founder of the channel is Fahad Hossain. 

8.  eShikhon .com-ইশিখন.কম

For learning different skills, eShikhon .com-ইশিখন.কম is an amazing option. Starting from digital marketing to Facebook advertising, this channel covers a wide range of skill-development content for viewers. During the pandemic, this channel gained a lot of subscribers as people wanted to enhance their skills from home.

9.  Ki Keno Kivabe

Ki Keno Kivabe

With over 2.92m subscribers, Ki Keno Kivabe is not a traditional education channel. Rather it offers interesting videos about the daily life of people. Starting from geographical studies, to general knowledge, the channel has tons of educational content.

10.  Tamim Shahriar

If you want to learn programming or coding, Tamim Shahriar is a fantastic channel to watch and learn. With an easy flow of explanation in Bengali language, you can learn C, Python and other programming languages.

If you want to learn anything, then you do not have to wait for getting admitted into an institution. From this list of the best educational YouTube channels in Bangladesh pick one and start learning. 


Maimuna Alam is an enthusiastic content writer at Prothom Tech who is passionate about education, health and recreational topics. With being a full time reader and part time leader, she brings in dedication and passion to become a better storyteller.

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