Grocery stores in Bangladesh are essential shops that sell in demand food, stationery, and other necessary items required for sustaining day to day life. With the proliferation of the internet in the country, grocery stores are steadily transitioning into the online platform, where food and other essential commodities can be supplied to consumers, at their door steps.

This article elaborates on the top online grocery stores in Bangladesh

1. Chaldal

Chaldal is one of the best online grocery stores in Bangladesh.

Operating since 2013, Chaldal is one of the largest online grocery stores in Bangladesh. Their platform sells vegetables, meat, necessary utensils, dairy products, and more, which are necessary for monthly grocery needs.

2. Shwapno

Founded in 2008, Shwapno is grocery store chain in Bangladesh. Their services include both online and offline transactions. They sell daily essential grocery items ranging from perishable vegetables, fruits, and more to other household items, and more.

3. Daraz

Established in 2012, Daraz is the largest e-commerce site and one of the leading online grocery stores in Bangladesh. The site provides an enormous array of products starting from fashion items, home appliances, furniture, and more. They guarantee 100% authentic products with on-time delivery.

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4. KhaasFood

KhaasFood has one of the most popular online grocery stores in Bangladesh. Their stores sell items ranging from organic tea, milk, dry fish, fruits, and more. They are renowned for providing high quality products, delivered at the shortest of time.

5. PandaMart by FoodPanda

PandaMart is a part of FoodPanda that specializes in grocery delivery to its customers via the Foodpanda App. PandaMart delivers items ranging from fruits, vegetables, cooking essentials, and more. They are well known for providing their products at a very short time, at the best quality.

6. Jogaan

Jogaan is a Dhaka-based online grocery shop. Despite being a fairly new company, their stocks of high-quality products and affordable prices have made them one of the fastest growing online grocery stores in Bangladesh. Their shop sells beverages, cooking items, fruits and vegetables, and more.

7. MeenaClick

MeenaClick is the online version of Meenabazar. The online store sells items ranging from bakery, dairy, frozen, fruits, vegetables, and more. Having the same high-quality products that are available in Meena Bazar, MeenaClick enjoys considerable popularity amongst the shoppers.

8. Daily Shopping

Daily Shopping offers both offline retail stores as well as an online store version. Their stores are known for being stocked up with high quality grocery items ranging from rice, cooking essentials, bread, and meat, and more at supreme quality.

9. is a service-oriented e-commerce business and one of the leading grocery stores in Bangladesh that is driven by the objective of providing quality products to its customers at an affordable price. Their platforms sell items ranging from grocery items, electronics, industrial construction materials, and more.

10. Green Grocery

Green Grocery is one of the newest online grocery stores in Bangladesh, that has come to prominence within a very short span of time. The grocery store highly specializes in organic food products. The store sells products such as different varieties of rice, dry fruits, groceries, spices, and more.

The aforementioned online grocery stores are some of the most renowned every day brands in Bangladesh. These stores provide the utmost convenience to their customers by delivering them high quality products at affordable prices, and on time.


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